Stress Awareness Month

1. Ease Into Your Day

Everyone needs time unplug and practice self-care. Starting every day with that same intentional peacefulness can help set the stage to Keep Calm and Carry On.

Create 20 minutes of morning peace. Resist the urge to reach for technology and electronics. Start your day with a warm glass of fresh squeezed lemon water, which assists the immune system, and metabolism. Set a daily intention, create a mantra or find a helpful quote.

2. Environmental Expressions

Construct a nurturing spa-like ambience at home with sight, sound, and scent. Use a diffuser with calming oils, create your very own specialty blend for relaxation. Download a “spa sounds” playlists or run an indoor water fountain for relaxing accents.

3. Mind Over Matter

Feed the mind with positivity. Create a daily routine that has a positive read, an empowering biography, or an optimistic podcast.

4. Change Your Clothes to Change Your Mood

Putting on a favorite outfit, fixing your hair and applying one’s best makeup is a mood changer. Even science has confirmed that wearing “happy clothes” will conjure a more joyful demeanor.

Don’t sit around day after day in the previous night’s pjs or college sweatpants. Find an outfit that has garnered compliments or something from an occasion that brings back fond memories. Look good, feel good with wardrobe, hair, and makeup. This is also a great lure for an at home date time with a significant other or a dress-up luncheon with the kids!

5. “The Lipstick Effect”

A fun cosmetic term that alludes to the psychological phenomenon that wearing makeup not only gives a confidence boost but increases self-esteem, attitude, and personality–so bring on the lipstick!

Adding a touch of daily color to the skin can brighten one’s complexion, but also their day. Bronzers can quickly add depth and nice at-home color; brush the brows up, groom and lightly shade to give instant shape and the face a natural lift; brighten the eyes with a splash of liner in the lash line; and experiment with blush and lip tones in roses and berries.

6. Face Mask Monday

When we feel stressed, our skin is the palette for what is going on inside our hearts and minds. Anxiety increases cortisol which can lead to breakouts, acne or other skin problems. During these times, our skin can begin to dull and not appear as radiant and refreshed.

Set aside a weekly ritual of either a purchased or at home exfoliant, peel or mask. Follow with a light massage of nourishing serum and hydrating cream.

7. Permission to Pamper

Need a personal recharge? Inform your family you need some time to refresh. Get your softest, fluffiest towels; fill the tub; light the candles; play some soothing tunes; add your favorite bath fizz, and pour yourself your favorite tea or wine. Pampering is not a material need; studies show it increases dopamine and oxytocin to restore the soul. Self-care is not selfish

Spring into Action!

Reveal your vibrant, healthy side this spring!

The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and it’s warming up outside.  Finally, spring is here!! What a perfect time to jump start a complete tune-up of your body, mind, and soul as you prepare for the carefree months ahead! Read on for tips to get healthy…inside and out.

  • Eliminate bad habits. We all have those annoying little habits that need to be addressed.  Do you procrastinate?  Do you overspend when you hit the mall? Have you been sliding into work a few minutes late?  Take this opportunity to recognize your areas of weakness and make the necessary adjustments to rid yourself of these pesky behaviors. Achieving self- discipline is a great way to boost your self-esteem.
  • Give your diet a complete overhaul.  Eating well is not just about losing weight.  It’s about being healthy. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats is essential for good health.  It’s a lifestyle, not a weight-loss fad.  When we put healthy food inside of us, we feel better and we look better.  Go ahead and commit to being healthy!
  • Make fitness fun!  Shed winter weight gain.  It’s a fact, most people gain at least a pound, if not more, during winter.  If you choose an activity you enjoy doing, you are more likely to stick to it.  Involve the whole family or perhaps a friend.  Go bike riding together or take a walk together a few times a week.  Get together for a game of touch football or basketball.  You don’t have to go to a gym to be fit.  Gather family members or friends and get moving!
  • Get your Zzzz’s.  We are all guilty of not getting enough sleep from time to time.  But did you know that poor sleep habits affect many, if not all, areas of your life?  When we don’t get enough sleep, we simply aren’t running at full capacity.  We’re not giving our best to our jobs, families, or even to ourselves.  Turn off the television at night and head to bed.  Isn’t it worth it if it makes you better in every aspect of your life?
  • Reveal radiant skin!  The winter months wreak havoc on our skin. We are exposed to cold temperatures when we are outdoors followed by dry heat when we step inside.  This is a recipe for dry, scaly, itchy skin.  As the weather is warming up, take this opportunity to get your skin in shape.  You must exfoliate and moisturize to reveal youthful, dewy skin.  Your esthetician can create a skin care regimen for you and recommend the appropriate home care products to keep your skin glowing this spring. 
  • Don’t forget about your lips.Your lips suffer from the harsh winter weather just like the rest of your body does. Again, exfoliating and moisturizing are key to revealing smooth, moist lips.  Visit the spa so we can show you what products are best for you.

Spring is a time of renewal.  It’s time to get rid of the winter blues and breathe in fresh, clean air.  Make this season your time of personal regeneration. Go ahead and try these tips for a month.  We are confident you will experience an extra spring in your step!!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day All Month Long!

The month of LOVE has arrived and Cupid is on the move! Have you been struck by the arrow of love?  Need some ideas to celebrate with your sweetheart?  Check out these fun activities to keep the spark ignited all month long!

Splurge on a movie and dessert night! Find a movie you both will enjoy.  It doesn’t have to be romantic.  Grab a comedy for a night of laughs.  After all, a couple that laughs together stays together.  Then, create a dessert bar on the coffee table with cookies, ice cream…the works!  (No counting calories tonight!) Sit back, laugh, eat, and enjoy your special time together.

Create a day of surprises.  Purchase a few roses and your Valentine’s favorite candy. Place them in places you know he/she visits throughout the day, perhaps in a desk drawer, in the car, or in their briefcase.  You’ll bring smiles to your loved one’s face all day long!

Do a little wine tasting. Head to the nearest winery and sample wines together.  You don’t need to be an expert to appreciate a fine glass of wine.  Pick the wine you both like the most and buy a bottle to take home.  You can look forward to sharing it together one romantic night in the near future. 

Go horseback riding. What a fun way to spend time with your sweetie!  Riding horses brings out the kid in all of us!!  Are you near a beach?  Check local websites for horseback riding on the beach.  This is an adventure you can take advantage of any day of the week!

Watch the sun set. Choose any afternoon, grab a blanket, a bottle of wine and cheese, and lay back while nature does its thing.  You can even prolong your date with a romantic evening under the stars. Don’t forget the camera.  You’ll definitely want pictures of this!!

Schedule sometime at the medspa for some rejuvenations or Schedule a day at the spa. For that extra special touch, purchase a spa gift card for your sweetie so they can stop in and relax by themselves one day after work.  

Most importantly, don’t get stuck showing your special someone how much you love them on Valentine’s Day only.  Express your love all month long.  

Want to look extra special for that romantic night out?  Call us today 520-795-3341 to schedule. You’ll look and feel fabulous!



Since 1992, healthcare professionals across the country have teamed up to increase awareness about the causes of and cures for the epidemic of stress.

What, exactly, is stress? 

While it’s a word we’re all familiar with, it can be tricky to define. Stress is the body’s reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response — whether that response is physical, mental, or emotional. Stress can be the consequence of a person’s environment, body ailments, and even thoughts. It can cause serious health problems, both mental (such as depression or anxiety) and physical (such as heart disease and high blood pressure). The bottom line is that stress is something to be prevented whenever possible. 


The good news is that there are many ways to promote stress management in our lives, and self-care may be the most important. One vital goal is to get enough sleep. So, starting tonight: turn off Netflix, fluff that pillow, and truly get at least eight hours of shut-eye. Download a meditation app and — here’s the important part — actually use it, every day. Put down your phone and take a daily walk … and remember that its benefits will increase if you set out with a friend. Swap out your creaky desk chair for a yoga ball. Tackle the clutter in your life, both literally (yes, it’s time to empty out the junk drawer) and figuratively (yes, it’s time to end that toxic friendship). As you increase your self-care, your stress will decrease … it’s that simple.

Drink up!

Many people combat stress with drinking … and we’re not talking about a pitcher of martinis. There are several simple, healthful, and delicious beverages that have been proven to reduce anxiety. Tea, hot or cold, is always a great idea; chamomile, peppermint, lemon balm, and rose teas all offer relaxing benefits. Smoothies are not only good for you, but — depending on their ingredients — they also can work to combat stress. A favorite anti-anxiety blend includes avocado, chia seeds, cacao, and almond butter. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are another great way to drink away stress. Studies have shown that vitamin C significantly reduces the body’s reactions to anxiety, and fresh juices are a healthy source. Finally, there’s always water. Flat or fizzy, straight-up, or with a twist of lemon, it’s a pure and delicious (not to mention easy) way to keep your cool physically and emotionally.

AND OF COURSE when the time is right visit us at Lasala MD Spa Services !

Consistent visits to a day spa are another way to prevent and manage stress. Having a block of time to detach from everyday demands and reconnect with yourself is vital, and the spa is the perfect place to do both these things as you’re being pampered. The dim lights, aromatic relaxation and the tranquil music, will contribute to keeping stress at bay. They’re all examples of self-care that bolster the spirit, relax the mind, and renew the body. 

Remain focused

Stress: it’s just about impossible to get rid of it entirely, but we can learn to live with it in a way that minimizes its effects. Self-care is imperative! This month, focus on ways you can combat stress, from small (a cup of hot tea in your favorite mug) to large (a day of head-to-toe pampering). You’ll notice a difference, we promise.  

*source: Mayo Clinic

Yes, You Really Should Be Outside


It’s so important to step outside. 

You’ll feel better. Time after time, studies have shown how being outside decreases levels of cortisol, the body’s main stress hormone. Your heart rate will also go down, along with levels of inflammation. And, while it may seem counterintuitive, taking a walk will actually increase your energy levels. The next time you’re tempted to indulge in an afternoon nap, try taking a walk instead and gauge its effect. 

In addition to these physical perks, you’ll also gain some mental benefits. Time in nature often eases common mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Taking a break from the nonstop deluge of information and letting our minds wander can have surprising value.

So, go ahead: lace up some comfy shoes and head outside. We invest so much in looking our best; let’s remember also to devote time to feeling our best.

Sun, Sun, Sun: Here It Comes


March is here and, let’s be real: before you know it, we’ll be smack-dab in the middle of summer. Now is the time to formulate a head-to-toe plan to be ready for longer days and stronger rays.

We trust you already have a sunblock that you use every day, rain or shine. If not, stop by. (And don’t forget your neck!) There’s no real need to go over SPF 30, and it should feel good on your face rather than greasy or heavy.

But don’t forget that your scalp and hair need protection, too — especially locks that are color treated. Hair mists and leave-in conditioners can protect from UV damage and add hydration to counter the drying effects of the sun. Finally, top off all your efforts with a cute hat, which can protect your face and hair while making a fashion statement. Hint: raffia is all the rage this season, and the natural, straw color goes with everything!

In terms of medi-spa services that will help you get ready for spring, consider IPL (intense pulsed light) facial therapy. Sometimes referred to as a photofacial, it’s a targeted and painless way to treat skin challenges such as sun damage, rosacea, acne scars, age spots, wrinkles and even unwanted hair. During the treatment, a handheld device delivers pulses of broad-spectrum light to the skin on a molecular level. Because IPL is noninvasive, there’s very little downtime, so you’ll be feeling and looking great quickly. In fact, makeup can be used right away — as long as it’s applied and removed gently.

If you’re interested (and, who isn’t interested in more radiant skin?), talk with your trained skincare specialist to learn all of the details. If you decide to move forward with IPL, avoid direct sunlight, tanning beds, collagen injections, chemical peels, aspirin and ibuprofen for the two weeks prior to your treatment. Toned body, toned skin: if these are summer goals, the time to begin working toward them is now.

Al fresco dinners, barbeques, pool parties and the beach: if you’re lucky, these outdoor activities are all on the horizon. Take steps now, both at home and at the medi-spa, so that you’re ready when it’s time to put on the tank top, the bathing suit, the flip flops. Summertime: ready or not, here it comes!

Love is in the Air at the Spa!


February is a time for chocolates, roses and Valentines. It reminds us to tell those we love how much we care about and cherish them. Thankfully, the gifts don’t have to stop at flowers and candy, and there’s no rule against treating yourself to a few Valentine’s Day gifts as well! Whether you’re married, in a relationship or single, there’s always a spa way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Hubby Love: A sure fire way to get the guy in your life to the spa is to go with him! Invite your significant other to join you for a relaxing couples massage, complete with strawberries and champagne. This has been known to be a very fun thing to do with your partner or your friends.

Girl’s Day Out: Show your best friend how much she means to you during February! Show up at her house and whisk her off to the spa for a day of pampering, including manicures, pedicures, massages and facials. Top it off with lunch and cocktails at her favorite restaurant.

Love for Mom: Who deserves love more than mom on Valentine’s Day? Hand deliver a big red box to mom with chocolates, a soft, fluffy spa robe and a gift certificate good toward any treatment she desires at the spa. She’ll think it’s Mother’s Day all over again!

Gentlemen’s Night Out: Yes, guys can have fun at the spa, too! Get the object of your affection to the spa or together with one of his buddies for a man’s facial, sports massage and sauna. They’ll leave the spa feeling too good to spend the night in front of the TV watching sports!

Whatever you decide to do, just remember to tell your family, friends, and/or colleagues how much you love and appreciate them! And remember we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day the entire month of February. Call us to plan a special event for you and your loved ones!

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us!

Top Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas From our Spa


We are not pointing any fingers but sometimes loved ones need a few hints for Valentine’s Day. That stuffed bear holding a big heart is cute, but we’ll pass. That card you picked up from the drugstore with your name scribbled inside; we’ll pass on that too.

That’s why we put together this list! Feel free to share it with that special someone who might need a nudge in the right direction.

A facial is the perfect treatment to help you glow. A monthly facial is ideal to maintain healthy-looking skin and prevent further damage. Facials deep-cleanse your skin and give it a healthy dose of moisture. Choose from a variety of facials, including favorite seasonal offers. 

Back Facial
Often an overlooked area but just a wonderful service by itself or incorporated with a facial. Get those hard to reach areas. Includes Dry brush, Sugar scrub, Treatment masks, and nourishing cream.

Body Products

Softer skin, less wrinkles and a sense of calmness can be yours with exfoliators, moisturizers and essential oils. What are you waiting for?

Check out our newest Body Butter-  Neroli Balm!

These are the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for the spa lover or the first-timer in your life. If you still feel unsure, a gift card is the perfect alternative. Gift your special someone a day at the spa. 

Why Microneedling is the Hot Treatment for 2020


The popularity of microneedling has increased substantially in the last few years. It’s painless, fast and easy, with immediate results. That’s why we’re calling it the hottest treatment of 2020.

Clients love microneedling for a lot of reasons. We are sharing the top reasons below.

  1. One of the easiest ways to get more youthful skin
    Your skin will look remarkably different when the treatment is done. What more could you ask for? A treatment takes less than an hour. When it’s done, you will see immediate results.
  2. Perfect for acne scars
    As an adult, acne scars are an embarrassing and frustrating reminder of those youth/teenage years. We see a lot of mature adults still suffering from the effects of acne. There are a lot of products that claim to help with acne scars. In fact, this is a massive understatement, because there are thousands of products on the market geared toward acne sufferers. Yet nothing works as well as microneedling, which uses tiny needles to pierce the skin and cause a healing response in the epidermis. In turn, collagen production is increased, which improves the texture of the skin’s top layer. This is why it is so helpful for scarring.
  3. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
    Perhaps the best benefit of microneedling is the reduction of wrinkles. This helps you look younger! Yes, it’s true! In addition to the stimulation of collagen, microneedling needles help formulate more blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to the skin. You will see a tightening of the skin and a smoother appearance.

Instead of investing in expensive and risky surgeries, try microneedling! We promise you will love the results.

Schedule your Rejuvapen Microneedle treatment today! 520-795-3341

Treat Hyperpigmentation, Fine Lines and Summer Damage


Fall is the ideal time to treat summer damage. If you noticed a few extra wrinkles or spots pop up after your days in the sun, you’re in luck! Fall is the best time to come in for a deep exfoliating skin treatment and here is why:

  1. Minimize treatable skin conditions
    Minimize the following pesky conditions:
  • Sun damage and sun spots
  • Enlarged pores
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hyperpigmentation
  1. Exfoliate your skin
    Spa treatments offer the best non-invasive exfoliation you can get! Remove the dry, dead skin cells from your face and you’ll look and feel fresh for fall.
  2. Improve tone and texture
    While we pile on the moisturizer and sunscreen during summer months, these often only work superficially on the skin, instead of going deep into the pores and cells. After several months in the heat and sun, your skin needs hydration deep down. These treatments help brighten and smooth your face!


We can recommend the best treatment for your skin. We offer several rejuvenating options including IPL, microdermabrasion, deep exfoliation and facials. Call us and we can help recommend the best treatment for your skin. Start fall with a fresh face!