What’s in my bathroom cabinet?

Hey everyone!

This is Rosalinda at So Lux Medspa- Laser and Ultherapy technician.

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I just wanted to let you take a look at what’s in my bathroom cabinet to see a glimpse of my personal skincare routine. I get compliments on my skin and asked questions on a daily basis, so here is a little run through of what I like to use!

First and foremost, I absolutely love this industry. Skincare, health and beauty are my biggest passions, but what makes it all worth while is the fact that I get the opportunity to help you!

Have you ever heard of the expression, “walk-the- walk?” Well I am a big believer in that, especially if it is something that I am going to “talk-the-talk…”

Preventative measures are key here, so selecting the right medical grade products with good knowledge and guidance, will give you the upper hand.

Rosalinda Cabinet           photo of my personal products at home

The Product Lines: PCA (main) Sanitas and Clayton Shagal.

Facial Cleansers- (AM & PM) At this time I am finishing my Sanitas: Milk & Honey cleanser (Resting) and my Sanitas: Lactic Cleanser (Active.) I alternate the two daily between resting and active. It is a strong possibility I will be gravitating to  just the PCA line but may still stick with my Milk & Honey cleanser because I simply love this one! I truly feel like a Goddess when using this cleanser just because it is Milk & Honey 🙂

Toner: (AM/PM) PCA Nutrient Toner- a pumpkin wine based toner that helps with fine lines as well as reduce the appearance of pores. I love the smell and it just makes me feel everything is off my face (makeup) after I finished cleansing.

Anti-Aging  Arsenal- PCA Retinol Renewal- Using the last of my trial size from my introductory PCA Normal kit, I really like this product, it is a chance  to incorporate retinoids as I am more in age prevention as opposed to mature skin. I use it sparingly as I am almost through with my trial size it has been AM use as of now, but can be applied twice a day. I will be getting the full size soon.

*Serum (AM/PM)- PCA Rejuvenating Serum- Just a little is all you need- a part of my preventative measures for early signs of aging.

*Eye: PCA Ideal Complex, revitalizing eye gel- this stuff feels velvety smooth as I apply on my delicate eye area. I had upgraded from the Eye Essence to this gel and really like it.

*Sunblock/Moisturizer: PCA Weightless protection broad spectrum SPF 45- (AM) I love the “weightless” feel of this product as I put it on over the serums for my daily protection for SPF with a little moisturizing that is not heavy

Cream: I use this for my PM, although it is mostly for AM and PM- Clayton Shagal- Idratense with peptides to fight the visible signs of aging.

( The 3 above with astericks I just purchased as a Holiday bundle and boy did I save $, this is a must have Holiday kit only for a limited time until they sell out! Just a few left in our spa. Luminous gift box includes  PCA- Rejuvenating Serum, PCA Ideal complex, revitalizing eye gel, and the Weightless protection! Full sizes!)


product photography by http://www.rosalindarachel.com

Personal Monthly spa routines (The goal here anyways…) PCA chemical peels-

New plan of action for 2016- Quarterly VI Peels mixed with my normal  PCA chemical peels

Taking care of your skin is something that does take time, but with a consistent regimen and the correct products you too can love the skin your in. Also if laxity is a big concern and you are looking for tightening and lifting solutions, talk to me about Ultherapy!

You can get these wonderful products and our Express peels VI Peels here at SoLux MedSpa.


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Skincare routine while traveling

Tis’ the season when it seems many of us are traveling, be it to see family or for a much needed vacation. For those vacations, we tend to pack travel-size versions of our skin care routine, but that could be a costly mistake, according to the Baylor College of Medicine. The school advises people to adjust their skin care routine based on the climate of their destination. Not doing so could result in irritation, flare-ups or breakouts.

Adjust the products you pack based on where you are going. “A climate and altitude change can affect skin,” said Ramsey Markus, M.D., associate professor of dermatology at Baylor. “To avoid acne breakouts and flares in eczema and rosacea, it is necessary to modify your skin care based on location.”

Destination: Cold and Dry

Moisturizer can make a difference when in cold, dry climates. Markus recommended taking lukewarm showers, using mild soaps and applying moisturizer generously to keep dry and itchy skin at bay. “Wearing sunscreen everyday on these trips is equally important,” he said. “Snow and ice reflect UV rays, which can result in sunburn if proper sun protection is not applied.”

Destination: Hot and Sunny

For warmer climates, Markus recommended wearing sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher and reapplying throughout the day.

Destination: Everywhere 

Skin care is not one size fits all. Kim Chang, esthetician at Baylor, noted that everyone should cleanse, exfoliate, correct and protect regardless of destination. “The best skin care is a customized skin care regimen created specifically for you,” said Chang. “M­eeting with a professional to speak about your lifestyle, diet and preferences will enhance your skin care experience to meet your specific needs.”

Show Off Your Bright, White Smile!


Smile and show us those pearly whites!  In honor of World Smile Day, check out these helpful tips to care for your teeth so you can reveal a radiating smile.

Professional teeth-whitening treatments are affordable and provide amazing results. Between treatments, try the following methods to keep your smile looking its best:

Apply at-home whitening strips. They are effective! To achieve the best possible results, apply at least six hours after brushing.

Poor a small amount of hydrogen peroxide on your toothbrush. Then, gently brush your teeth. The peroxide lightens stains, while the rough texture of the toothbrush also helps scrub them away.

Brush your teeth twice a day. Make sure it’s for at least two minutes for cleaner, healthier teeth.

Wear lipstick.  Bright lipsticks such as reds and pinks make your teeth look even whiter. Check out our newest feature on our new GLO mineral make up line with amazing lip wear!

Keep smiling!